Presently, targeting the affluent South Asian advertising businesses, in Canada and USA, but with a vision to approach similar markets in UK, Middle East, East Africa, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and more.

DESIBIZ.BIZ allows its clients, and customers, to remain connected to the advertising portal, 24/7... In an easy and a very affordable cost, to watch promotional videos, in different categories, in real time on home computers, laptops, Internet enabled TV sets, and select mobile phones


There is no set up costs. Just e-mail us your commercial or promotional video, or send us your material on DVD and we shall do the rest.

Whether it is a commercial, relegious segment, musical video, wedding video, jewelers show case, immigration tips, and much more.... we can incorporate all on www.DESIBIZ.BIZ for ALL to watch here and there too.

Clients and customers without obligation, also have the opportunity, to win trips to exotic destinations provided to us by our sponsors. (See win a trip)



For only a dollar a day, our clients can promote their businesses and promotional materials 24/7, instead of paying hundreds of dollars to TV stations for commercial spots or interviews promoting their goods.... segments to be seen only once a week.

Consumers spend 80% of their disposable income within 25 kilometers of their principal residence. Be it Toronto, Daressallam or Port of Spain.


For businesses around the world DESIBIZ.BIZ provides a platform for a new customer line to buy goods from and around the it booking hotel rooms, safaris, or preference of your choice.